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COMRT276: Media Theory & Practice (Branding & Storytelling)

The COMRT 276 course on Branding and Storytelling helps students learn the fundamental tenets of what it takes to build a brand personality and story using integrated marketing and communication platforms. Students develop proficiencies in creating branding strategies, designing sustainable approaches to building target audience engagement, and setting measurable and trackable goals. 
The course uses projects that help students prepare portfolio-worthy materials. 

COMRT 120*02 (Introduction to Critical Media Studies)

We live in a time when “fake news” across social media, and concerns about how bots drive the content of newsfeeds, thus narrowing the scope of how media consumers understand complex realities. More than ever, it is vital for us to become active, critical consumers of media. The purpose of this course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to critically analyze media contents and institutions. Topics examined in the course include, but not limited to, critical media analyses, the study of media institutions and practices, the embedded histories and ideologies in media representations of the real world, the construction of media “target” audiences, and how media discourses are shaping our sense of who we are as a nation and our place in the world. By the end of the course, class participants will be media literate. In other words, they will be able to locate and distinguish credible news sources from those that are not, and to recognize political and economic agendas that shape what is covered in the news and how. Students will also be able to identify how various “discourses” shape the language of representation, and what factors affect the ways in which we interpret these messages.  


COMRT 581*00: Junior Seminar and COMRT 600: Comprehensive Seminar

This Junior Seminar & Comprehensive Seminar integrate and consolidate the research, critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills that students have been learning in their core communication arts courses. In the COMRT 581 Junior Seminar, students practice scaffolding and putting together a longer fifteen-page research paper. In COMRT 600, these skills are put to use in developing the Senior Thesis proposal that students present before the department faculty.


Once the proposal is approved by the faculty, the student may begin preparing to develop it into their independent senior thesis research project that they must successfully submit and defend before a faculty committee, the following year, in order to graduate as a Communication Arts major.

The Independent Study option allows students to work closely with the faculty member on a research project that fits with the research supervisor's expertise and that cannot be accommodated by a current course being offered by the College.