Courses at Allegheny College, including mine, are being taught in a hybrid format to accommodate students in the classroom as well as those connecting via Zoom. 

FSCOM 201*00: Communication in a Discipline (4 Credits)

M/W 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM; Schultz East Alcove


An exploration of powerful storytelling examples across multimedia platforms. As emerging scholars in Communication & Cultural Studies and Theatre, we will use interdisciplinary perspectives to consider how various audiences and persuasive agendas affect narrative design and produce new ways of looking. Drawing from diverse sources, students critically challenge, in informed ways, what novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie describes as the dangers of a single story. Students will develop their abilities in scaffolding research, constructing thoughtful and thought-provoking arguments for various publics and developing professional presentation and written communication skills.

This course may be counted toward the major or minor in Communication & Cultural Studies.

Prerequisite: Completion of FS 102

COMM 386*00: Digital & Integrated Branding. 
M/W 4:10 PM - 5:25 PM; Schultz East Alcove


A consumer-centric approach in understanding how strategic branding uses relationship building to consolidate brand engagement, loyalty and equity. Readings and projects center on innovative techniques, and multicultural models of branding. Students learn to be critical, adaptive, and effective thinkers and communicators by examining how brands address global issues, align with local/global values, deliver social good through cause marketing, respond to various types of crises, and combine traditional and new media channels in constructing new identities. Students learn about brand accountability, measuring branding outcomes, and developing strategies informed by media and consumer insights. Prerequisite: COMM 120, COMM 145, or FSCOM 201, or permission of the instructor. Distribution Requirements: CL.


COMM 581*00: Communication & Cultural Studies Junior Seminar.

COMM 600*00: Comprehensive Seminar
T/Th 1:55 PM - 3:10 PM (Schultz East Alcove & Zoom). 

COMM-581 Junior Seminar (4 Credits)

Advanced work that interrogates communication and culture. Students situate works in their cultural contexts, analyze forms of human expression, create meaningful independent work, and critically engage with public communication. Signature of instructor.

COMM-600 Comprehensive Seminar (2 Credits)

Preparation for the Senior Project. Students study research methods, conduct exploratory research, develop focused topics, and address issues of composition and revision. Much of the work for the seminar is conducted independently, including a Senior Project Proposal and significant work toward the Senior Project. Must be taken Credit/No Credit. Prerequisite: COMM 581 and permission of the instructor

INTDS 290*00: Introduction to Global Citizen Scholars.

Co-taught with Dr. Waggett (Global Health Studies)
Thu 03:30 AM - 4:45 PM (Carr Hall 238 & Zoom). 

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An evaluation of the ways in which current issues and events related to globalization have impacted the cohort-related theme of the global citizen scholars program, both domestically and internationally.  Within the class, an analysis of regional and international case studies explore the complexities related to this theme and the barriers that have hindered progress.  Experiential learning through community-based projects center on issues of privilege, power, and social justice across a variety of cultural contexts.  Students explore the histories that inform contemporary global issues and the differential impacts of human organizations and actions on global systems. Participants learn to develop and advocate for social justice in ethical and sustainable ways. 

Students must be Global Citizens Scholars to enroll in this seminar.  Signature required.   

COMM 610*03: Senior Project. 

Dates/Times TBD.

COMP to do_edited.png

The Senior Comprehensive Project (COMP) provides students with an opportunity to integrate discipline-specific scholarship with the communication and research skills necessary for professionals in the 21st century. During their first year at Allegheny, students write, speak, and research frequently in their first-year seminars (FS 101 and FS 102). By their sophomore year, they are ready to undertake the complexities of writing and speaking in the discipline (FSCOMM 201). They further hone these disciplinary communication skills in a junior seminar (COMM 581), the final preparatory phase for the Senior Project. By the senior year, students are sufficiently prepared to undertake a scholarly endeavor approximating those experiences they will face as professionals in their field. Seniors must submit and successfully defend their project (COMM 610) before their faculty Committee, as part of their graduation requirements.

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COMM 590*03

independent Study

The Independent Study option allows students to work closely with the faculty member on a research project that fits with the research supervisor's expertise and that cannot be accommodated by a current course being offered by the College.