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EXL 300:

Excerpts from Reflective Papers &

Sample Digital Stories

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In this compilation of excerpts from their final reflective papers, students were encouraged to write a five-page critical paper that linked one of the key objectives of Allegheny College’s mission statement (to prepare graduates to “meet challenges in a diverse, interconnected world”) with how their experiential learning in their host country and interactions with people there have impacted the students' personal growth and /or intercultural learning. Students were also encouraged to weave in insights from one or more of the academic readings for the EXL 300 course. Please click on the "Reflective Papers" button to view excerpted reflection pieces (Adobe Reader required)

EXL 300: Sample Digital Stories

Here is a sampler of a few of the digital stories produced by students who participated in the study away and study abroad programs at Allegheny College. This was the final re-entry assignment for the EXL 300 (Cross-Cultural Learning, Theory & Practice) course, completed by returning students to help them capture their experiential learning in their host culture.

In the video on the left, Klancey Burford ('16), an Environmental Science major, discovers a global village in an Israeli kibbutz and how one can negotiate differences to build bridges.

In the video on the right, Vy Phuong Dang ('16), an international student and Psychology major, shares how her own experiences as a cultural minority in the U.S. led to her studying the plight of Aborigines while she was studying abroad in Australia.

To watch a video from the gallery below, please click on the image in the relevant box, and it will link to the digital story you wish to see.

Rachel Widany-Egypt

Rachel Widany ('13, Major in International Studies, double Minor in French & Economics) spent time in Egypt immediately after the Arab Spring. Here she provides us with a glimpse into a society in transition.

Hannah-Duke Marine Lab

Hannah Wilson ('14, Biology/Environmental Sc. double major; Minor in Studio Art) experiences a global classroom at the Duke Marine Lab and finds herself asking what it means to be truly global.

white girl goes to africa

Taylor Hinton ('14, Environmental Science Major) takes a candid look at how the experience of encountering Otherness varies for those who have the privilege of traveling vs those who are a part of the foreign experience.

Kenneth Hall-DC

Kenneth Hall ('12, Political Science & Economics double Major; Minor in Communication Arts) finds that a cosmopolitan city like Washington DC can be the gateway to different cultures, perspectives, and a whole new world.


Caitlin Devor ('12, Biology Major) tells us a story about geography, crossing borders, and the liberating power of humor.

Jacqueline Coplen-Argentina

In this story Jacqueline Coplen ('14, Political Science & Spanish, double Major) describes how her time in Argentina, as a study-abroad student, helped develop her self-confidence.

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