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The three-year program provides select first-year students with unique learning opportunities in three areas — civic engagement, global learning, and U.S. diversity. Students collaborate with their faculty co-leaders in the interdisciplinary exploration of a specific global theme, combining academic research with experiential learning in the field. 

For the incoming 2020 Global Citizen Scholars (GCS) cohort, the theme will be "Empowering Women & Girls Worldwide." My faculty co-leader, Prof. Caryl Waggett (Global Health) and I will guide students in exploring the challenges of women’s/girls' empowerment, through the lenses of social justice and global health. This program integrates co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities for investigating how women/girls are important cultural change-makers.


Using readings, discussions, and both local and international site visits, participants critically unpack what terms such as ‘empowerment’ and ‘development’ mean when considering cultural differences. We also study how historical events from the past continue to shape domestic regional growth and international relations. Students are encouraged to adopt a non-ethnocentric lens in approaching readings, discussions, and fieldwork. 


At the start of fall 2020, there is a mandatory retreat where you meet students from the previous cohort. Then we will move into an introductory seven-week module led by the the two Faculty Leaders, Dr. Sinha Roy and Dr. Waggett. During these sessions (we meet once a week at a fixed date/time) we will have discussions /exercises based on the materials shared with you in late summer.

This will be followed by a seven week module for a one course credit led by the Program Director Dr. Dave Roncolato. This course also meets once weekly and provides a broad overview of the Global Citizen Scholars Program and associated opportunities.

Starting in Spring 2021, participants begin a sequence of 2-credit courses, spread across three semesters, and co-taught by the two Faculty Leaders. Each 2-credit seminar meets once a week at a pre-set date and time. The group will also attend specific campus and local events, take part in field trips, and have the opportunity to participate in one global experiential learning opportunity involving fieldwork, at the end of their second full year at the college.


Students are expected to attend all academic sessions and related extra-academic activities and produce a collaborative legacy project at the end of this three-year commitment

Find out more about the Allegheny College Global Citizen Scholars Program here.

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