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Teaching has been my first love and I am fortunate that I continue to receive student and institutional support for my ongoing classroom experiments.

In 2000, I received the student-nominated teaching award at the Annenberg School of Communication (USC), and in 2008, I was awarded the Thoburn Award for Excellence in Teaching at Allegheny College

My teaching approach has always been about situating the classroom in the world and helping students appreciate the value of thinking through the productive discomfort of encountering new ideas and experiences.

The most meaningful forms of recognition, though, have been the hand-written notes from students/alumni, their random gifts of coffee and jello during stress-filled times, and the steady stream of certificates of appreciation from student organizations, Greek Life, and student athletes.

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Jello photo gift-2019-Creating Landscape

ABOVE: A shared joke and gift from the class of Senior Citizens in my 2019 Learning Enrichment class organized by the Creating Landscapes program at Allegheny College.

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ABOVE: Being recognized for teaching and mentoring excellence by student athletes from the Women's and Men's Basketball Teams at Allegheny College (spring 2019), an honor that was repeated in fall 2019.

Zack leads teams within Brian Communication, supporting clients on a variety of strategic communications and public relations needs. In his work, he partners with brands on media relations and integrated marketing, as well as crisis management, stakeholder relations, issue advocacy, and more. Zack started his career in organized labor and political action, and now brings a campaign-style approach to his work. While studying at Allegheny, Zack was a Communication Arts and Political Science double major.

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You can listen to Ray Colabawalla and Hunter Goerman discuss their summer research experience on an episode of the "Gator Tails' podcast series, here.

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