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FS101- A First Year Seminar on

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The seminar for incoming first year students introduced them to college-level critical thinking, research, reading, and writing skills.


An added dimension to this section was that students were mentored by award-winning costume designer and Allegheny alumnus Uriel Gomez ('13), to turn their imagination into a fashion accessory and cut, sew and produce fashion totes.

D.I.Y Culture

Equipping students with D.I.Y skills like creating a mood board, cutting a pattern, sewing and piecing together a finished tote bag, helped students see what goes into making a small piece of fashion. It has given them the tools to now repurpose materials like the plentiful 'free' T-shirts they end up collecting, and fashion useful items like shopping or fashion totes. In the process, they will be contributing to the environmental sustainability goals at the college.

FS101-FA23 totes.png
FS101-action shot.png

Experiential Learning

Linking the course content to this Experiential Learning content built in a different opportunity to develop hands-on transferable skills that also allowed students an early introduction to the Costume Shop in the Theater wing of our department. They can continue to develop design and sewing skills at the Allegheny College costume shop, with a shot at internships and small-scale entrepreneurship, because of an early start in building both critical and practical foundational skills in this area.

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