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Embodying the Ethics of Sustainable Development: An SDG-Themed Community-Engaged Learning Cohort for Future Leaders 

Fifth World Symposium on Sustainable Development at Universities (WWSD-U)

My Global Citizen Scholar (GCS) faculty colleague and I will be co-presenting on the work we have done in the GCS program at Allegheny College that has centered on UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 Gender Equality & Empowering Women.

Incorporating the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals into higher education curriculum raises critical pedagogical questions regarding who is developing whom and the power dynamics inscribed in such relationships. This paper targets educators interested in addressing the ethics of sustainable development through community-engaged learning courses. 
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Redefining Student Success and DEI Thinking through Crisis Learning (with my colleague Dr. Ivelitza Garcia, Chemistry): 

A virtual poster session with case study presentations -- one on a STEM course, and the other on virtual community engaged learning in an interdisciplinary global learning course -- by Allegheny College faculty. The presenters invite discussion on how disruption can create an experiential learning space in which alternate approaches to access learning, rethink pedagogical and assessment strategies, and complex systems thinking are valued as much as traditional classroom practices. Also, prioritizing the learning/teaching process and people can facilitate a more nuanced understanding of inclusive excellence.
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08 March, 2021: "Nation Branding & Customizing International Diplomacy."

Invitation to lecture students studying Diplomacy at Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts (BISLA), Slovakia. 

We examined various case studies on nation-branding and the implications of vaccine nationalism and new outreach efforts like mask diplomacy
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The summary of my faculty talk (at left), as it appeared in Allegheny College Campus newspaper, can be accessed here [Adobe Acrobat required to open the file]

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