EXL 300 (1 course-credit)

Cross-Cultural Learning, Theory & Practice


gust mead on magazine cover.jpg

EXL 300 (Cross-Cultural Learning, Theory & Practice) was a pilot project that I designed in fall 2003. It was formally introduced into the Allegheny College Course Catalog in 2005. The course, which I taught from 2003-2015, was mandatory for all students registered in Allegheny College-sponsored semester or year-long study away/ study abroad programs. EXL 300 had pre-departure, on-site, and re-entry components with several reflection opportunities such as student blogs, research papers, poster presentations for wider audiences, and digital stories.

Explore some of the student work by clicking on the buttons below and following the links:

Augusta Mead ('16) pictured here, on the cover of the Allegheny College alumni magazine, participated in a study abroad Experiential Learning (EL) seminar that I led to India in 2014. A student-athlete who majored in Environmental Science and minored in Communication Arts, 'Gusty' is currently an Education Volunteer for Peace Corps South Africa. You can read more about her here.