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Immunity is Community Health Fair (2023)

Immunity is Community Health Fair.png


The 2023 "Immunity is Community" Health Fair is a free and public event that offers holistic wellness resources and information to help attendees feel reconnected with their community again, and supported in their post-pandemic healing.

This initiative is a collaboration with my Allegheny College colleague Dr. Becky Dawson (Global Health | Biology), and various community partners and sponsors. We also received grant funding from the Allegheny College Network for Community Engaged Learning.

Wellness Education

The comic book on health was supervised by Dr. Dawson, and myself, with publishing help from Prof. Doug Luman (Computer Science). Allegheny College students played a major role in writing and illustrating the comic book. Studio Art and Pre-med major Allison Crouch ('23) did the illustrations. While our football offensive lineman and Global Health major Carson Messemer ('24), scripted the panels. The comic book will be handed out for free to the Immunity is Community health fair attendees.

Above left: Alison Crouch. Above Right: Carson Messemer.

Immunityis Community comic panel.png
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